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Dear Neighbor,


In 2015, I made one of the best decisions of my life: moving to Milan. In just a few short weeks, I felt more welcomed and “at home” in Milan than I had anywhere else I’d previously lived. Simply put, Milan is a special place—one that deserves an excellent city government with creative and thoughtful solutions to the issues that we face as a community.

As I begin serving Milan as a City Council Member, the focus is creating improvements in a City that already has many strengths.  You are welcome to reach out to me at any time about your ideas and concerns.


My path to Milan was filled with twists and turns. I started out as a middle school English teacher, working to provide an excellent education and extraordinary life experiences both inside and outside the classroom. I eventually left teaching and started a business in the tour industry, giving young people access to experiences that expanded their world and changed their lives. Taking a sharp turn, I learned about finance, construction, and government programs designed to revitalize communities. I then arrived in Milan, ready to make a difference.


During my years in Milan, I have served on both governmental and charitable bodies that serve the community—Aid in Milan, Moving Milan Forward, Milan Main Street, among others.  I’ve gotten to know countless folks across the city who want to build a better Milan for the future, and I’m ready to work on behalf of this community that we all love. There's lots to do, from ensuring that we provide quality basic services to promoting economic development for Milan and it's going to take innovative and experienced leadership to get it done. I am looking forward to serving you, and I hope you will reach out with ideas to help over the next four years.


Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

- Dave

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