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Find out who's supporting Dave for City Council

Elected officials and community leaders from across the political spectrum support Dave because they know he gets good things done for Milan!


Reggie Miller 

State Representative

My project-3.png

Adam Zemke 

Fmr. State Representative


Jerry Clayton 

Washtenaw County Sheriff

Lawrence Kestenbaum 

Washtenaw County Clerk

David Monforton.png

Dave Monforton 

Fmr. Washtenaw County Commissioner

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Dominic Hamden 

Fmr. Mayor of Milan

My project-6.png

Michael Armitage 

Fmr. Mayor of Milan

My project-5.png

Kym Muckler 

Fmr. Mayor of Milan

My project-7.png

Dave Baldwin 

Fmr. Milan City Councilmember

My project-8.png

Josh Kofflin

Milan City Councilmember

Ann Gee.png

Ann Gee

Fmr. Milan City Councilmember

Rod Hill.png

Rod Hill 

Fmr. Milan City Councilmember

Mike Williams.png

Mike Williams 

Fmr. Milan City Councilmember

Martha Churchill.png

Martha Churchill 

Fmr. Milan City Councilmember

Headshot Me.png

Doug Gilson 

Fmr. Milan City Councilmember

My project-11.png

Carrie Karvonen-Gutierrez 

Milan School Board


1FA242A6-DD14-4938-8C3C-82EA7349F0F4.L499 two line LiUNA logo feel the power.png

Laborers International Union of North America Local 499


Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights


LGBTQ+ Victory Fund

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