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Stay connected with City Council and get involved with the community.

Learn about Dave, his dedication to public service, and his commitment to our community.

Learn about the issues important to Dave and his solutions for solving them.

Keep up to date with the happenings inside City Hall by reading Dave's Council Newsletter!


Here are the six Milan City Council candidates moving on to November election


“'Milan voters wanted progressive leaders who would continue the upward trajectory of the City while addressing the challenges that we continue to face: affordable housing, roads, and water infrastructure. I am honored at the trust of hundreds of voters, and look forward to a continued conversation about how to serve our community leading into the general election,' said Snyder in a statement to MLive."

History uncovered during $5.2 million project in downtown Milan


"It was clear to Dave Snyder that he and his team of architects and builders were doing something special in the city of Milan.


Their work involved the restoration of four buildings on one block of Milan's Main Street. Today, the East Main Redevelopment is one of six projects to receive the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation."

Downtown Milan building restoration projects receive state funding

The Monroe News

“MEDC funding makes possible what would otherwise be financially unworkable,” Five Penny Properties Developer Dave Snyder said in the release. “Historic downtown buildings are a key part of our communities, but their maintenance is difficult and costly. MEDC helps preserve our heritage and makes the buildings that served us in 1890 ready for service well into the future.”

Revealing Milan's historic charms


"And now, as we create local spaces that have the look and feel of what that downtown did 125 years ago, we're creating spaces in our town and in a lot of other towns across America that people want to come to because they're appealing spaces."

"...the town is revitalized in a way that I don't think anybody really expected ten years ago. It was a pretty tired, unwelcoming downtown. And now, there are great shops here and a lot of activities in the downtown."

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